Years of Exp: 1

Expertise:  OpenTable RSVPs;  English Grammar and British Accents


Years of experience: a few here and there

Expertise:  Pizza, Seriously bad puns & Brooklyn


Years of Experience: 7

Expertise:  Efficiency & Distribution, Art

& Cruz Azul

Our Team

Chef Roberto Amico

Years of experience:  Lifetime

Expertise: Traditional Roman Cuisine & A.S. Roma Calcio


Years of experience: +10

Expertise:  Kitchen Guru, Proud Papa & Pumas


Years of experience: 8

Expertise:  Front of House 

& Tagalog Karaoke


Years of experience: 10+

Expertise:  Prep & California Lotto

Let Us Know

We love Yelp, too!  If we make a mistake, let us try to correct it before you write that shameful review:  we'll do our best to own up and make it right.  We want you to come back and joke with us later.           

Our Idea is Simple

We wanted to create a casual atmosphere where you can wear jeans and still get a pretty decent steak without having to valet your car.  We're easy like that.  Don't stress it. 

We're like Family

When you work six days a week together, shenanigans are sure to ensue.  Sure, we have disagreements, but we couldn't be more proud of our entire staff.    The turnover is low, and we think that's a pretty nice thing. 

Our Vision

Our Strength


​Our staff will be celebrating Christmas & New Year’s with their families on the following days:

December 24th: CLOSED

December 25th: CLOSED

December 27th: CLOSED


January 1st, 2017: CLOSED

(We are always closed Mondays)

Have a Blessed Holiday Season!

Thank You!